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NanosTech (formally known as PC-CUPS) emerged from the U of C's Alberta Ingenuity Centre for In Situ Energy, and the NSERC Industrial Chair "Catalysis for Bitumen Upgrading," where Prof. Pereira-Almao has been working on upgrading technologies for more than 30 years, the last 18 years in In-situ (in-reservoir) upgrading and other technology schemes from CO2 conversion to renewable fuels. He brought and expanded decades of Venezuelan experience on upgrading bituminous oils and blended with young trainees and professionals. It is a Canadian powerhouse of innovation in catalysts and adsorbents for energy and fuels with an environmental, sustainable, circular economy approach as its north.

Our parent company Vorsana Environmental Inc. (Vorsana), a clean technology company, is a global leader in the commercialization of waste management technology that converts waste into transportation fuels and utilizes captured CO2 in numerous high-value products.


Vorsana and NanosTech have 42 patents and has developed 15 different product solutions to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) and restore compromised environments, creating sustainable products for the future.



Pedro Pereira-Almao, Co-founder CEO

Lante Carbog, Co-founder


Carlos Scott, Co-founder