Market Challenge

Better, more sustainable oils

In the heavy oil industry, challenges like high viscosity, low API gravity, elevated sulfur, total acid number (TAN), metal content, and paraffin issues are common hurdles. Traditional methods often find it tough to tackle these complexities, leading to lower oil quality and higher operational costs.


AQP powers cleaner future

AquaprocessingTM platform (AQP) not only tackles the intricate challenges of the oil industry but also sets the stage for a greener and more sustainable future.

By significantly improving oil quality and operational efficiency, AQP paves the way for cleaner, more sustainable oils that align with the evolving environmental standards of the industry.

Environmental Responsibility

AQP enhances the quality of out-of-spec oils, including renewables from diverse sources, transforming them into valuable oils suitable for refineries or all the way to finished fuels. Additionally, AQP efficiently cleans lower-quality oils, reducing sulfur content, lowering total acid number (TAN), and minimizing the overall environmental impact. This dual capability underscores AQP's commitment to sustainable and versatile oil upgrading.

Versatile Problem-Solving

Tailored AQP solutions address common industry challenges, from high viscosity to paraffin-related issues, providing a versatile and comprehensive approach to optimizing oil production.

Hydrogen Independence

Our integrated catalyst enhances residue conversion within the AQP process, excelling in water-rich environments. This synergy maximizes conversion efficiency by utilizing surplus "wet" hydrogen from AQP, resulting in an SCO-like barrel with low sulphur and a premium distillate profile. Experience unparalleled autonomy in hydrogen production without external sources.

Quality Superiority

Elevate your oil's competitiveness with the AQP process, transforming the barrel into a synthetic, more competitive oil. Achieve enhanced market value, reduced operational costs, and increased attractiveness to discerning buyers.

A Path to Better Oil with AQP

AQP is a cornerstone in propelling the industry toward a net-zero future. Rooted in the principles of "Green Chemistry," our catalytic solutions optimize upgrading and refining processes and significantly reduce energy consumption, emissions, and resource utilization. AQP's positive environmental impact is rooted in its substantial reduction of diluent usage.
By minimizing diluent requirements, AQP contributes to a higher quality crude, significantly reducing the potential for environmental disasters and promoting a safer and more sustainable oil production process."


Cost-Efficiency Across the Value Chain

For Producers

At the source, producers leveraging AquaprocessingTM platform (AQP) can experience significant advantages. AQP enables partial upgrading at the source, allowing producers to command a better price for their barrel. This strategic approach enhances profitability and positions producers favourably in a competitive market.

For Midstream Companies

AQP provides transportation companies with a transformative solution to upgrade challenging heavy oils, improving their market value. The cleaned oils can be sold at a higher price, offering a lucrative opportunity for transportation companies. Additionally, AQP diminishes the necessity for heated train wagons, reducing operational costs and mitigating the environmental risk of potential contamination disasters. This enhances the economic viability of transportation operations and contributes to a safer and more sustainable industry.

For Refineries

AQP brings invaluable benefits to refiners, offering the capability to tailor the ideal oil specifications. With AQP, refiners gain the flexibility to design oils that meet precise requirements, enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, AQP empowers refiners to coblend renewables with fossil fuels, providing a strategic approach to lower emissions. This not only contributes to environmental benefits but also aligns with sustainable practices, positioning refiners at the forefront of environmentally conscious operations.

On the horizon

Turning waste to fuel