Clean fuels of the future


Breakthrough modular refining technology that converts oils of any origin into high-quality, market-ready fuels.

Market Challenge

Cleaner, more sustainable oils

To meet 2030 and 2050 emissions goals, producers must more efficiently upgrade the heavy oils and bitumen we rely on today, while preparing for next-gen biofuel and energy transition markets. Nova makes cleaning fuels and converting oils of any origin more environmentally-friendly, today.


Nova powers our clean future

Nova brings Net Zero goals closer by making conventional fossil fuels and non-conventional feedstocks like biomass/crude (e.g., pyrolysis oil) cleaner, and renewable fuels more affordable.

Upgraded oils & bitumen

Our proprietary reactors & catalytic upgrading process convert extra-heavy oils and bitumen into top-quality fuels.

Recover out-of-spec and fuels

Nova's desulfurization capabilities enable fuel oil producers to reduce up to 98% of the sulphur content.

Low-cost renewable fuel

Nova converts waste into renewable synthetic biocrude or fully refined renewable fuels that work with any internal combustion engine. 

Minimal capital investment

Nova’s scaled-down modular approach dramatically reduces capital costs and is less operationally cumbersome.

A path to net zero

Upgrading & refining

With the catalysis-driven Nova process, NanosTech is actively changing how to extract and use energy, paving the way for the world to reach its Net Zero goals. Nova produces renewable fuel products that produce far fewer emissions than the standard fuels used in vehicles.

Renewable fuel

To create these fuels, Nova converts renewable feedstocks, such as agricultural, forestry, and municipal wastes, into a renewable synthetic biocrude. These feedstocks can be used to generate a fully refined renewable fuel that works with any internal combustion engine. The feedstocks can be co-processed at a traditional refinery or refined through Nova’s capabilities as a stand-alone greenfield solution. NanosTech takes a scaled-down modular approach, collocating Nova facilities close to the feedstock, creating a significant reduction in capital costs.

Sustainable cost

This strategy enables NanosTech to address a critical growing pain of many predecessors in this space: the unsustainable cost of renewable fuels due to niche and costly manufacturing methods. The Nova process isn’t energy-intensive; it provides a low-cost renewable fuel that can feasibly replace traditional fossil fuels.

On the horizon

Turning waste to fuel