Press Release: NanosTech Researchers, Published in Science

NanosTech: Pioneering cubic molybdenum carbide catalysts for a sustainable future.

Press Release: NanosTech Researchers, Published in Science
May 7, 2024
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CALGARY, Alberta, May 6, 2024 ( - NanosTech, a leading innovator in Green Chemistry-based solutions for energy transformation, proudly announces a significant milestone in the evolution of its catalyst-based technologies with the publication of groundbreaking research in the prestigious journal Science. Titled "An active, stable cubic molybdenum carbide catalyst for the high-temperature reverse water-gas shift reaction," the paper validates NanosTech’s work in developing its commercial applications for this and its similar catalysts for the energy transition market.

The journey toward this remarkable achievement traces back to the early collaborative efforts of esteemed researchers Milad Ahmadi Khoshooei, Pedro Pereira-Almao, and Gerardo Vitale at the University of Calgary. Their pioneering studies published in “Catalyst today,” titled "Synthesis of nanocrystalline molybdenum carbide materials" in 2015 and in “Fuel” "Molybdenum carbide nanocatalyst for activation of water and hydrogen towards the upgrading of low-quality hydrocarbons" in 2022, laid the groundwork for understanding the stable structure of cubic molybdenum carbide.

Continuing this legacy, in 2022, Milad Ahmadi Khoshooei further advanced the research alongside a distinguished team at Northwestern University while Pedro Pereira-Almao and Gerardo Vitale spearheaded commercialization efforts at NanosTech, a spin-off of the University of Calgary. The company has evolved these research principles and has been dedicated to harnessing them in its catalyst technologies for real-world applications.

The team's expertise in materials synthesis at molecular level and in-depths knowledge of chemical processes empowers us to engineer highly tailored solutions, explains Pedro Pereira-Almao, co-founder of NanosTech.

NanosTech's catalyst solutions are poised to revolutionize energy production, facilitating the transition from conventional fossil fuels to cleaner alternatives such as hydrogen or synthetic fuels.

"These solutions enable energy producers to enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and optimize performance across various sectors, ultimately improving the Energy Returned on Energy Invested (ERoEI),” says Myles McGovern, NanosTech’s CEO.

By leveraging Green Chemistry principles, NanosTech is committed to driving positive change in the energy industry and beyond.

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